Yes, my office is in a church

One of the more surprising things for some people is that my therapy practice office is in a church building. As my practice is relatively new, this location allows me to provide services for a lower fee than I would otherwise be able to, and to offer significantly reduced fees for clients who need them.

However, I am highly aware that churches do not feel like a safe space for everyone. If you have been injured physically, emotionally, or spiritually by a church, church members, or organized religion in general, coming into a church building might not be a comfortable experience.

That’s one of the reasons I offer a free, 30-minute “meet & greet” session before starting therapy. If a potential client notices they are not comfortable enough in my office (which is upstairs, away from the “churchy” part of the building), we can work together to find them a therapist who they will feel comfortable meeting with.

But if what you’re hoping to work on in therapy includes working through harm done by the church, and you don’t feel overly triggered by coming into the building, I would love to explore those wounds and work with you towards healing. In that case, the location of the office might be a benefit to treatment.

And, because it still needs to be stated: All are welcome in my practice. I am happy to work with families of all kinds, couples of all genders, and people of all sexualities. As long as people are comfortable working with me in my location, I am happy to work with people of any religious background.

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