The smell of the rain

Transitions are a natural part of life. Just as we are in the midst of the transition between a long, hot, smoky summer and a rainy, cool fall, life is not static. School years come and go, children grow and change. Some transitions are yearned for and greeted with joy, like people all over Seattle have been turning their faces up to the rain this week. Some transitions are greeted with ambivalence or fear. Sometimes we cling to summer as long as possible. Sometimes we hold on to the things we once knew.

As I put on my boots the other day instead of my Chacos, I noticed mixed feelings. Grief for the loss of the summer, for the darkness of the mornings, for the loss of the warmth. Gratefulness for the rain, for the clear air, for the food of fall and the coming holidays. 

Whether you are in the midst or on the cusp of a transition, or yearning for or dreading one, it can help to remember that it is not abnormal to be going through change. It is normal, and it is normal to have feelings about it, especially mixed feelings. Just as you can both grieve the loss of the summer sunshine and welcome the rain. 

So you got engaged over the holidays!

“The answer is: I don’t know”